High Waisted Heaven: The Hall Trousers

I didn't set out with a Make Nine in 2020. I quickly realised that I am too easily distracted by new patterns, new trends and ideas throughout the year to stick to whatever it is I dream up in January. And then of course, we get a year like that one just gone, when we're… Continue reading High Waisted Heaven: The Hall Trousers

a hint of print: my first instagram challenge

Last week, Sharlene from @sosewdressmaking and Roisin from @soro_roisin_mcmullan hosted the 'A Hint Of Print' challenge, where each day saw a different type of print as the theme and it was up to us to find a corresponding item in our wardrobe. The challenge spanned RTW and me-made clothes but I chose to use this… Continue reading a hint of print: my first instagram challenge

sewing plans : 2020

As we approach the end of the year I consistently get too excited and can't help but think about everything the New Year has in store. I'm a planner; I can't help but consistently be thinking ahead to the next project, the next event, the next holiday, whatever they may be. Sometimes these plans come… Continue reading sewing plans : 2020