sewing plans : 2020

As we approach the end of the year I consistently get too excited and can’t help but think about everything the New Year has in store. I’m a planner; I can’t help but consistently be thinking ahead to the next project, the next event, the next holiday, whatever they may be. Sometimes these plans come to fruition, often they do not – but such is life, hey?

I’ve decided against doing an official “Make Nine” for 2020, but as always I’m thinking ahead about how I want my wardrobe to take shape and the things I’m hoping to make. My style is definitely more smart than casual, and with a new career on the horizon I need to be thinking about office appropriate attire that still has a bit of personality to it. So let’s dive right in…

Kommatia Hall Trousers: 

Kommatia Hall Trousers

1: Wool Suiting, Fabric Godmother • 2: Indigo Cotton, Ray Stitch • 3: Stretch Gabardine, Ray Stitch • 4: Japanese Tartan Twill, Ray Stitch

The Hall trousers are 100% my definitive style. High waisted, cropped, tailored trousers with waist pleats and a turn up. Pretty much everything I look for in a pair of trews! The only problem is that I try, as much as possible, to not buy or wear too much polyester (partly for the environment, and partly for my own comfort – hellllooo static) and most RTW styles are mostly made from polyester or other synthetic fibres. I’m also a fan of a lowkey jazzy trouser (usually some kind of pattern, but in a darker colour or tone) and these fabrics fit the bill perfectly: I love the simple red running through the wool check of this suiting from Fabric Godmother, and the classic green tartan of this offering from Ray Stitch! I think the Indigo Cotton from Ray Stitch is so unusual – a super interesting twist on a traditional denim – although that’s definitely reflected in the price!

Opian Pilatus Swimsuit

Opian Pilatus

1:Abstract White, Spoonflower • 2: 90s Abstract, Spoonflower • 3: Green with Peach Dashes, Spoonflower4: Abstract Navy & Rose, SpoonflowerAbstract Terrazzo, Spoonflower

I’ve been thinking for a while about making my own swimwear, and this year feels like the year to take the plunge… if you’ll excuse the pun. I don’t know why sewing with swimwear fabrics puts the fear of God into me, but I feel like 2020 is the year to conquer that fear! Can you tell I’ve got a real thing for abstract prints? I can’t really choose between any of these but I think I’m leaning towards the last 2: the abstract navy & rose and the abstract terrazzo. I really love the design of this Pilatus swimsuit from Opian – I first saw What Katie Sews’ version and fell in love – it feels like the perfect mix between a one piece and a bikini and I reaaaally hope that at some point in 2020 I’ll find myself on a beach, cocktail in hand, wearing my very own handmade Pilatus.

Sugardale Len Coveralls 

Sugardale Len

1: Indigo Moon, Merchant & Mills • 2: Brushwork Teal Canvas, Sister Mintaka • 3: Animal Stretch Cotton Jacquard, Fabric GodmotherRiver Rocks Navy Canvas, Sister Mintaka

I didn’t think of myself as much of a coveralls person but this pair by Evan have really captured my imagination! Heavily inspired by her, I’m thinking either an abstract printed canvas or this gorgeous block printed cotton from Merchant & Mills. I think the reason I love these so much is because they’re really nipped in at the waist giving a super flattering figure, and the cut of the trousers is similar to those I wear day to day. I think what I’m trying to say is that this is a dreamy combo of all the flair of separates, with all the ease of a one piece. Count me in.

New Look 6574

new look 6574

1: Helsinki Sandwashed Tencel Twill, Patterns & Plains • 2: Mind The Maker Terrazzo Viscose Twill, Guthrie & Ghani • 3: Loire Daisy Viscose Crepe, Patterns & Plains • 4: Rust Lincoln Sandwashed Twill, Patterns & Plains

I think I discovered this pattern when somebody posted about it in a Facebook group I’m part of and I just immediately fell in love. It’s everything I love in a dress: a midi length, a high neckline, those little gathers under the bust, the universally flattering skirt. Besotted. It’s exactly the sort of dress I’d wear for work, for play, for weddings in a nice silk… you get the gist. When I was looking at fabrics I was also thinking about slightly warmer winter fabrics, hence the inclusion of these two gorgeous twills from Patterns & Plains (who I only discovered recently but I now love – beautiful fabrics at incredibly reasonable prices? Yes please.) But at the end of the day I think the daisy viscose crepe is the winner – something about a ditsy floral print just feels so perfect for this style of dress, don’t you think?

Memphis Cotton Jersey, Second Star Fabric


1: Nora Top, Tilly & The Buttons • 2: Monroe Turtleneck ,Tessuti Patterns • 3: Mandy Boat Tee, Tessuti Patterns

Aaaand finally, to completely flip this format on its head – here’s a fabric I already bought because I fell head over heels for it when I saw it on Kate’s instagram, without any real idea of what to make with it. I don’t actually sew (or wear) a lot of jersey, but I feel like I need to up my game when it comes to easy to wear tops. I think it’s because I like a looser t-shirt and everything seems a bit too fitted for my liking? Anyway, in step Tessuti Patterns and their excellent range of tops – I’ve already made a Brigitte top which was a quick and satisfying sew, but it might finally be time to branch out into the much adored Mandy? I love the boxy turtleneck that is the Monroe (and Tilly & The Buttons’ Nora for that matter) but I don’t know if the turtleneck combined with the print might veer into the Too Much side of A Lot? What do you think?

Which are your top picks & fabric/pattern combos? I need all the help I can get when it comes to decision making…

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